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Monday, July 8, 2019

AMFEIX - The First Blockchain Fund Built On Smart Contracts

AMFEIX is a new kind of cryptocurrency trading platform, offering the world’s “first pseudo- anonymous blockchain trading fund built on smart contracts”.
But what exactly is AMFEIX? How does it work? And, most importantly, is it safe?
What is AMFEIX?
In a relatively short space of time, cryptocurrencies have evolved from a cult phenomenon that few took seriously, and even few thought were trustworthy, to a coveted financial asset for many traders.
While the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies has led some to maintain their doubts about trading in bitcoin and others, there are beginning to be ways to settle those concerns, and AMFEIX aims to be just that.
In short, AMFEIX is a platform that does the trading for you, investors with bitcoin holdings can deposit as little as 0.02 BTC and AMFEIX will trade them for you.
The Investors
AMFEIX has a team of skilled traders and analysts, experienced professionals who manage the funds of pooled BTC resources, executing trades and exchanges to create profit for their investors.
These investors work with between 30% and 50% of the pooled fund at any time, with most of the user funds being held in cold wallets, meaning there are kept aside, avoiding the loss of all pooled resources should the unexpected happen.
Does AMFEIX Cost?
There is no fund management fee from AMFEIX, the company invests your BTC for you without any handling fees.
AMFEIX works on the basis that they make a profit if you make a profit, so the company takes a 20% fee on any profits it generates from the investments it makes on your behalf.
All profits and losses are calculated in the same method as the investment, i.e. BTC, with any losses being split between all investors based on the amount they initially invested.
How Secure Is AMFEIX?
As well as holding the majority of funds in cold wallets as mentioned above, to ensure no total losses, AMFEIX also has other methods of ensuring security.
The platform works with a scalable cloud blockchain solution, and there is 24/7 customer support for those who have questions or issues.
The temptation of cryptocurrency for many is the ability to remain anonymous, and AMFEIX takes this up a level.
The company offers a pseudo anonymous trading solution, meaning you can avoid giving any personal information while proving your ownership.
If your investment makes a profit thanks to AMFEIX’s traders, 80% of that profit will then come to you. Any profits and losses will be shown in real time, with updates being instant.
However, if you do make a withdrawal, it will take 24 hours for the company to liquidate your positions and send you your bitcoin amount.
While there are no guarantees that you will make money investing through any method, AMFEIX claim that previous performance suggests a return of between 10% and 20% per month on your investment. All profit and loss is calculated in bitcoin with their aim to grow your bitcoin holdings.
In conclusion, AMFEIX offers the capability to grow your BTC alongside a great community of traders and investors with no upfront fees. To learn more about AMFEIX, click here: and join their telegram investors group here:

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